Anqi  Zhang

Even the tiniest change can make a big difference.

Hi there! I’m Anqi, nice to meet you. I recently graduated from sdsu with a degree in Computer Science. Before that, I got my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at UMCP. I know, it’s kinda weird right? Actually, I guess it’s not that weird if you factor in UX/UI design, which requires both psychology and computer science, as well as some creativity.
Even though fluid UX/UI design is found everywhere on the web, it’s actually important in other disciplines as well, such as video games and also cat product design. In a perfect world, I’d love to design for both, but my main focus right now is creating seamless video game user experiences.
Speaking of video games, I’m currently creating a visual novel game on Ren’Py! Video games in general are pretty amazing because they combine everything that I love (art, music, writing, design, and programming). Visual novel games are especially fun to make because not only can they be made by a minimum of one person, but it also allows the creator to express the depths of their creativity in any way they want. There’s something so freeing about being able to design what you want exactly the way you want it, even if the journey will be exhausting, I believe that at the end of it all, everything learned throughout the whole process will be worth it.

                                                                                                                                             GAME ON
this is miro (main character of my game) 
miro is quite the dream guardian. His job is to help people wake up from nightmares so they won't die in real life. he has a few other guardian friends, but they are still to be discovered.

(this is a scene from the game in ren'py)

I used clip studio paint to create the rough sketch and line drawing of miro first, then colored him in. i used a canvas size of 2048 x 2048 pixels and drew each feature in a separate layer to make it easier to make changes or updates. i also used the symmetrical ruler tool to help with keeping the drawing balanced.
here is an earlier drawing of miro on paper, using pencil, pen and marker. i was staring at my cats one day and became really curious of how cats have such different face shapes, which led me to sketching some crazy cat faces, landing on this one.