A collection of some of my dreams over the years...not in any particular order. some of the dreams have mature themes, so i apologize in advance if they're not within your comfort zone, but i just wanted to document any dreams i had. i try to type out the dream as soon as i awake from it, so some words or phrases may be jumbled or misspelled, and some dreams don't have endings because i wake up, but I've fixed up a few things here and there so hopefully it's overall coherent enough to comprehend. But then again it is a dream after all haha...
Note: "----" is used in place of any non-fictional names

The secrets of Irvu:
There was this bridge or something I was crossing and all of a sudden I saw these red butterfly things but their wings were as lively as cloth and just danced around in the air when they flapped the wings. Then they all gathered together to form one big blanket of A shape. That shape was a dragon and then thy danced around and spit fireballs and flew around some more but as the sky darkened it was time for them to go home. They flew into their home which was a round dome that looked kind of like an igloo but without the protruding entrance part. It was also kind of floating above the ground so if you crouched down you could see what was inside. When I peered underneath their nest, I saw a huge evil looking mermaid who was made out of like plaster. I think those butterfly transformed into her at dusk. Then as I was walking home on this bridge or some type of long landscape, I was bombarded with obstacles along the way; the black rock looking things on the ground had transformed into cannon like weapons but could talk and they were trying to kill me. Somehow I used magic and created a flying carpet so I could fly over the traps beneath me, then my master came to save me and I woke up.

I'm reading a book of something and I go into this other world and meet some cool people who do magic and stuff. I meet a girl and boy, siblings, who are both magic users and my boyfriend is also with me In this world. There's a woman who looks a lot like cerci from game of thrones and she's the villain that we are trying to kill. Then there's another older woman, kind of like a grandma but is a very skilled "hero". The girl falls in love with my boyfriend and he starts liking her a little but then comes back to me. Her brother likes me but I don't like him back. Then some baby appears and we have to protect that baby, first from cerci, but then from the whole world there. Killing cerci wasn't easy, but in this world I developed powers too. I had powers of nature: wind, leaves, blah blah. My boyfriend had the power of music, just like the girl so that's how they got along so well. During the battle with cerci, we basically almost kill her, but then she summons super dark magic to heal all her wounds after going through a lot of torture. I guess she was going to die because I shot two bullets into her and her magic wasn't strong enough to heal herself so she had to call upon an ancient text. I think the grandmas name was tabitha. After we defeat cerci the whole world wants to kill us because somehow we have the strongest power in the world. Cerci is now on our side after the whole ordeal and We prepare to evacuate the city and my boyfriend and I decide to take the baby with us into our world for better protection. We head off to the most beautiful sunset - engraved bride and gate and then as we are about to cross over into our world, cerci tells us never to forget this place and all the people and I ask her how and she says to call them "heroes"

I was bringing rucy and mio to China with me and they were fine but then someone stole rucy and gave her a makeover and turned her into like a human. rucy had her fur shaved around her face and she was standing upright like a human with a human like face with human mannerisms and the only way you could tell she was a cat was her ears they were squished away and tucked behind her hair. it was a little scary and I was furious with what they did to her.

He picked up the last ring from the rubble, the ring that was previously on the enemy's thumb, and said, "I defy you" to bob and jill before they could take the ring from him.

There once was a powerful spider called cleopatra. She had a very kind errand girl who was also a thief. She also had a servant who wasn't very honest and loyal. On this particular day all three of them were stuck in a room full of sinking sand and the old building made out of wood was going to collapse any moment. Cleopatra knew some magic so she was able to save the errand girl when she almost fell into the trap of melting sand. However, the other spider was apparently trying to kill her as they were about to sink into the sand. She realized that she had been tricked and immediately killed him before he could hurt her or the errand girl. Once they got out safely they realized that there were soldier spiders trying to kill them. The chase was on. For some reason cleopatra carried a cleaver even though she could use her magic. She slashed down the limbs of trees as she tried to escape from the soldiers. Jumping from branch to branch took a good amount of effort even though she was a fairly large spider. The errand girl was ahead of her but soon became surrounded by the soldiers. She had no choice but to jump down, down, down onto the ground below them but she almost

There's a pandemic but not just any type. In this one, people affected by it become psychological killers. Thy go into your house and multiply everything around you but if you blink then for a while you can see normally again. The only way to kill the "virus" before you get killed or infected is to destroy the thing you love the most. So far it's been materialistic things such as an ipad, but I have no idea what would happen if the thing they loved most was a person or pet. So the next day they're doing an investigation but they don't know that a potentially infected host is among the police group. One police member likes the other but then

I'm on an island or something but I'm about to enter into a building with everyone, maybe an airport of somewhere, and time just freezes for a second and I notice that a few of us are moving around through frozen time. We learn that we can communicate with each other's through time? But only when you gave up your humanity. We all became insomniacs in order to get the power to travel through time.

We were all just living our normal lives when all of a sudden through my apt window I see this guy or something with a syringe and needle with some yellow substance in it trying to inject my roomies and I. I think one of the girls gets injected but then we go on a cruise trip, but then suddenly her and I get transported to this other place which kind of looked like space, but there were others like us there, all standing on a small platform, gathered around in a circle. Apparently the dude who gathered us there had some power from Neptune, although it made more sense he got it from the moon, but that's not important. What's important was that he apparently had the power to control gravity and a bit of time. When he gathered us together, our home stopped in the real world. I forget why he gathered up all of us for a meeting, but it turned out that we each all had a special power. I can't remember what mine was, or anyone else's for that matter, but it seemed like we were on a mission.
When we got back to our own world, time rewinded a bit but if we tried to change what had already happened, time would turn back again to the moment we tried to change it. It was very strange, although I do remember one thing. When my roommate tried to change something, she almost succeeded but then lost her leg. Then she was trying to get her leg back, but when she was using her powers, her body and face became engulfed with an orange substance. But when she stopped using her powers, the orange substance subsided

What if your dreams were just pieces of someone else's memories that have floated itself into your mind from the grave?
What if your dreams were just pieces of someone else's memories from the past , present, and future?
What if you could capture lightning bolts into a jar?

Girl wakes up from a nap and is in a kind of office room with an old guy who was already just sitting at a table then she opens the door only to find a block of bricked wall. She asks the old guy where she is and the old guy tells her she's dead. She then remembers that she wanted to be killed and that he helped her because no one else wanted to.

I was part of a research team for animals that started glowing a ball of light blue light somewhere in their bodies (the light kind of looked like a cluster of blue stars in the night sky but bluer). These animals that were glowing bright Blue injected people with some crazy metal needles that came out of their bodies. We couldn't figure out what it did to the humans because some people started experiencing unnatural powers while others were injured or died. Then the people who where injected by the animals who didn't die would challenge each other to fights. Of course the government was trying to capture these infected people but some people escaped. A baby boy and his sister were injected by their pet fish they just got (it was a metallic colored fish from the wild). This glowing animal phenomenon only affected maybe 10 or 20 in each species of animals. We don't know the reason for it yet but we have been trying to figure it out. One of our scientists died to one of the injections, but I was lucky enough not to killed by the injection. It seems as if the people who were injected and survived can detect each other from other people.

So I'm in the car on my way to work but for some reason stopped on the side of the road cuz this lady is in the passenger seat and then some lady comes up from nowhere and looks like she's been crying and asks the Spanish lady next to me to please talk to the person on the phone for her (the random woman apparently spoke Spanish and she was on the phone with like her lover who was about to leave her or something so we were just trying to console her but then I was like hey I needa drive to work now or else I'll be late so the lady's like ok sorry and we go on our way. We turn left pass by an orange light in time Hit crazy traffic cuz apparently there's a fire and after we drive down the road a little bit and see like 3 rows of houses on fire but we drive past those and keep going until we reach the very end of the street. It's a dead end but we decide to get out of the car because my GPS is telling us to climb up and go over this hill, except it's not really a hill but a very tall jungly looking vine tree thing that's super tall and steep. So we start climbing and there's like lots of brown mosquitos that keep biting me but whatever I keep going then we finally reach the top and it's apparently some vet clinic but it's kind of empty until we go inside this one room and it's filled with crazy scary reptiles lying around and the vet dude on top of a counter near the ceiling. Apparently he was trying to train the reptiles into seeing him as the dominant one and so they were quite tame with him but when I approached I got nipped by a lizard and then he told me I had to slowly ease in so they would get used to my smell. So I climbed my way up and just kind of stood in a corner and then waited and for some reason I was scared and I thought we were being kidnapped and he was a psychopath and then people came in and "rescued" us and then I apparently was a little girl and then my aunt came into save me and for some reason all the reptiles turned into people and the vet guy was arrested but I was very upset that he got arrested and then the other reptiles now people were making fun of him and I yelled at them to stop and then my aunt took me home with her. I have to note that my aunt had the craziest hair; it was super poofy in the back and it was a wild red. She was white.

there were a few parts to my dream. the first part I was finding a roommate and ended up rooming with ---- again and it was amazing but the house was really scary and felt more like a mossy cave rather than a real house. the second part was me climbing into like a small wooden suitcase so that people could carry me around and everything and it was so small but somehow I fit into it each time and then I was like their navigator or something and the people were driving somewhere and needed me to tell them the directions so I used Google maps while being carried around in the wooden suitcase. I guess it was a little claustrophobic but also weirdly snug.
anyway the second part of the dream was I was trying to help save a witch from dying because there were some evil forces after her who wanted to kill her. she had some gnomes who were untrustworthy and were plotting her demise that night but she already sensed that they were going to do something so that's why she hired me to help protect her. I think I was just some random human assassin that could counter the gnomes and other people that were trying to kill her. I just remember her laying on the couch with like green paint across her mouth to her chin that resembled blood and she made a point to pretend like she died and told me that's what was going to happen in a few hours. later on her husband (yeah she randomly had a husband) came home and started talking to a gnome but then the witch noticed some snipers outside the window trying to aim for her husband and then I was at school in some gym or something.
at the gym there was a group of Asians and I think they were trying to teach me martial arts and then one of the girls gave me a back massage and that felt really nice. then I woke up.

Color blind. I'm in my moms bedroom and I look in the mirror and my face is awfully orange while everything else is kind of monotone and in shades of black and white. I see my mom and her face is pretty orange as well, and her body is in black and white too. I go outside and at first my vision is normal, but then as I blink, colors seem to fade away, one by one. Every time I blink, I lose the ability to see one color. The colors fade away into a grayscale canvas. However a bit later, as I blink a bit more, I realize that I am now able to control which colors go and which colors can stay. After a long while, I find out I can even change each color to whichever color I want. I think this is color manipulation.

I was walking through a trail in the kinda soda big the trail had like some fed to it so se knew where to go and then went to a small enclosement made out of logs no roof then there was an onion in the middle then three ppl are the onion but I drank the onion water in the middle and then we all got anesthetics and like passed out. Apparently that's how they transport ppl to different worlds and that little confine was a portal place, but I thought it was just them modifying our memories in our brains but it wasn't.

In my advanced technological time, all you had to do to go to space is to hold your breath and zip yourself up in this body transportation case. After a couple of seconds of holding your breath you could emerge from the zipped up case and you would be wherever you wanted.

There's this huge house that in every room has puzzles and things and changes rooms base on which door or portal you choose and it's a game called S.W.A.T. I think it stood for sword war something something. But there are evil ppl in the house who try to kill you and you have to finish the puzzle ASAP. But one time the whole house exploded and one of the people was injured on the ground but then police and dogs came but instead of helping the person the dog actually bit him and then he got angry and then used his powers and killed the dog and policeman. It turns out the he was actually a she in disguise and she was one of the masters of the house. She could control which rooms appeared where and only needed to whistle a tune or breathe out air in a certain way to change the room orders.

I found my dad's library room and then from under s pile of books my grandfather slipped through onto the bed. He was unconscious or asleep or something, I didn't know. Then all of a sudden his eyes fluttered open and he looked at me with the warmest smile and said "happy new year" in English. I immediately said 新年快乐!and hugged him and started crying. His green brown eyes were really enthralling and I wasn't scared at all. Then I woke up. Everything seemed so real.

Apparently every year some crazy place in so called England would be surrounded by water and would bob up and down. It was just really pretty.

Magical witch story: I'm a witch but my grandma doesn't pay me any attention my mom never told me my grandma acts as if I never exist and my mom never taught me any magic. I want to be better than my mom. And be the best. Will you help me? You're my aunt so yah. I'm in this portal to the magical world but my parents just left and I'm left behind. I'm in a room with a scary bed and my aunt tells me my first task is to sleep there without touching the plank/wheel thing above my head or my neck or else it will attack me and bite my tongue off.

I was a goddess and I had a brother who was a god and at first our father gave him all the power and he was a good leader at first but then he became crazy and we were all inside this palace/castle thing and apparently we needed to get more powerful and more food so he decided to poison each of us one by one to use us as bait for our prey which was apparently other people and we were like vampiric so we needed blood, but he would first poison us by using some sort of acid tape and once we touched it we would start getting feverish and then he would use our body as lure. then when we came back all tired from being bait, the way the poison left us was through a hole in the back of our neck and out of that hole came crawling 20 spiders at least. once all the spiders were gone, you were either alive or dead, depending on how well you could handle it. well one time I was trying to free people from the acid tape trap but I accidentally stuck it on one of the guys I liked and he was behind a door and so apparently the tape got behind the locked door and be couldn't move and it was too much but he could somehow handle it and so he became super huge and powerful instead of weak and dying. then he was on a rampage and sliced my brothers head off and I thought it was all over but then ofc my brother being a god got his head back and he was fine and recovered but then he and I had to go see our father because my brother had caused too much chaos and then our father let me be in charge.

Rich person dream: ---- and I go into astore called TT and it's a huge store for rich people. When we first entered the guy at the door said we had to make our own boots so we want next door and got some accessories to put on our boots; I got like a leg warmer thing and just slid them over my boots. Then we went inside the huge store. It had EVERYTHING in it; there was all the food you could sample and buy and toys and clothes and pokemon lots of pokemon stuffs! Huge pikachu and charmander and bulbasaur plushies but ---- didn't want to go look haha. There were chefs having a cabbage carving contest where they used this orange carving tool lol. It wasn't even a knife but more like a round pumpkin carving thing. There were also video games huge tv screens mini pokemon arcade type games and it was so cool. We ended our night in the like food/bar place and I ate a lamb kabob and talked to ----'s rich friends lol and then like his mom came in or something and was like "oh good to see you...Anqi!" She took a while to remember my name but apparently she was happy and like she liked me lol. Then everyone had a toast for ---- and I woke up

The ZZZ scientists were making these tube tanks filled with some salt substance and then that substance turned into these purple yellow curved line clumps that turned into a circle and then a clock or shower head and the circle pieces were being moved around or assembled in the air or sky by someone else from another universe as if they were click and dragging the pieces together with a cursor and then ---- told me yeah we are just living in alternate universes and shower heads were bad and the other anqis understood it too

You go into a room and its blank at first but then you see a mirror and the mirror reflects back a visual of your mind onto the room - basically the room will manifest itself in however the user imagines their room to be

I was in a kind of interrogation room with 2 men who were dressed like they were from the 1800s. One of them was my friend and the other was kinda. One of the men said "valera" or something to that effect and as he said that his face turned a frog green while smiling. The other man, now a woman, didnt understand what that meant and asked me and i told her i didnt know either. So we went back to the apartment and she started getting bit by these tiny flies. I had some metal wand thing and i tried to kill the flies. Ith the wand and it worked - the flies sizzled and burned as i tapped them with the metal wand. Then we saw tiny flies everywhere. Apparently "valera" was a name of a spell that the other man cast and it was to inflict tiny biting insects onto us

I lost the ability to imagine what ppls faces looked like and was stuck inside some library not able to find or not able to imagine a window or door and i was unable to picture anyone's face at all and anytime i did it would be kinda glitchy and blurry and it was like we were all walking in same mc escher path or mobius strip that never ended and there was no exit and no way to leave. And before that i was in some room being friends with some weird creature that i didn't wanna be friends with but knew that if i told it that it would kill me. Also towards the end in another looping room there were some animals and we were like 3v3 ing idk w.e fxing craziest dream i had holy moly loooll felt like i was stuck and going craaazzyy with some sort of real medical condition but its probs just a glitch i found while dreaming and i was lucid enough to experience part of it where 50% i knew i was dreaming and the other 50% i didnt know. Maybe it s my body's subconscious way of trapping me to stay in the dream cuz i need sleep xD i slept at 5am hahaha and had to wake ---- up at 730 for dentist apt hahahaha ok back to sleep!

The dream starts out with my fish tank with fish that have some sort of disease; their bodies are splotched with red and some parts of their fins are lined with a red powdery substance. I have a mini manta ray which is the size of my hand and a few large fish, and then two smaller fish. As I leave the room, my dad and I get into an argument about money and paying bills and we start yelling at each other and then he throws something at me and I start bleeding. The scene shifts, and now I'm with my dad in a police building where he has to report his thievery. For some reason though, even though it was my dad, he was younger than me, and when he filled out the paperwork the lady behind the desk told me that I had to sign it for him. When I did, I noticed that my dad had lied on the form, so I asked him why he felt the need to change our address and he said he wasn't lying. Anyway, I corrected the address and returned the form back to the lady at the desk; she seed like a police officer or someone cuz she had a police uniform on or something. Then the scene shifts as we are leaving the building, and my dad had turned into a 20 something year old guy who apparently has been convicted of theft and we start arguing about his stealing habits, I think the guy and I had a bit of a history because for some reason I really cared about him and I think I still liked him. Then the scene shifts again and I'm like at a concert or something and I get randomly picked from the audience to have a duet with this popstar, who is a girl by the way, and then she somehow ends up coming with me to this room in the same building where my dad and I were. So apparently this popstar really likes me, but I like the guy, and just as I was thinking about him, he appears. However, he seems mad and then I say something to him but then he becomes furious and storms out of the room. Oh the room is pretty spacious; it kind of reminds me of an old English classroom, but the tables were all green and there were some green wooden blocks scattered on some tables around the room. After he storms off, I become angry and I start yelling at him to come back, but he doesn't. While I'm in a small fit of rage, the popstar comes up to me and tries to calm me down but then ends up getting angry herself. we end up running around the room, chucking the green blocks at each other and basically acting like two maniacs trying to chase each other. Ok, this is when things get freaky in the dream. Oh, it also helps to mention that we were both crying as well, so tears were freshly falling down our faces. Anyway, she finally corners me, and while holding a metal cooking spatula, she orders me to stop crying and smile. Then she brings the spatula to my face, and I'm freaking out because I knew by this point she wanted to kill me. So, I stop crying and start smiling, then slowly pushed the metal weapon away from my face. She proceeds to lean in closer, her face twisted in an evil grin, and she whispers, "-- and -- sitting in a tree, n-I-s-s-i-n-g..." And right when she starts spelling it out, she raises the weapon and instinctively, I realize that this is a dream and I have to wake up, so I force two fingers into her eyes and close my own, while telling myself to wake up. It works. I jolt awake, and I just stare at my ceiling in horror. It takes me a while to stabilize my mind, and then I think to myself, wow, what a nightmare. I tried to figure out why she said nissing instead of kissing, but in my dreamlike state I thought it was because it was between missing and kissing so that's why she said nissing.

Two kids wanted to take parts in a play but only one of them got the role. The other kid was pretty sad. Both kids were best friends. The kid who got into the play was a star student and his best friend was the worst student. But for some reason after he didn't get into the play he wanted to work really hard. So, one morning he decided that he'd go to school and do his best. However, when he got to school one morning, late as he was, he found some fries and was eating them before going to class. His teacher saw him in the hallway and got mad but told him go make his own decisions. He then went to class and that class he followed the teachers directions and did work and answered questions. He was super polite to the other kids and everything. So I was a new kid in the class but somehow I knew about the kids situations. So, during class, the kid asked the teacher not to share his answer that he had written, but she did anyway because he had scratched out a part of his sentence and she didn't like it so she was showing the whole class what not to do. At that point I interjected and said hey he asked you not to show it to the whole class but you just did, you need to apologize to him. I can't remember if she did or not but class soon went on. Then, apparently the teacher had a flashback to her teen years at the school and it was about her and another girl. In her flashback she was getting the teaching job and her friend was congratulating her but then she told her friend to leave and never talk to her again. Her friend did as she was told. I find out later that it's because her friend had tried to have an inappropriate relationship with her once in the bathroom. Anyway, so the teacher is actually a good person. Then, one day as I'm in the bathroom washing my hands after I had flushed the toilet, I noticed that the toilet wouldn't stop flushing so like I tried fixing it then went back to class. It turns out the teachers friend was there and we started having a conversation but then I realized that the toilet was still running so I went back to go try and fix it again. At this point the teachers friend comes in and tries to make a move on me( for some reason I was an Indian boy in this dream) and being the wimpy kid I am I screamed for help and tried to get out of there but it was a struggle but I finally got out and I screamed for my teacher. My teacher heard me and she came out and realized what had happened. At this point she was about to fight her friend but then her friend pulled out a knife. And then that's when like things got crazy and everyone started to fight each other and then out of nowhere this one little Asian girl goes out into a shed thing which they referred to as some capsule and then I went outside to follow her to see what was going on and then she did some time warp thing but I wasn't affected because I guess I was outside the school building and then we both went back in but it was like back in the past to where the teacher and her friend were being inappropriate and then the little girl basically stopped it from happening and then the friend disappeared and then we return to the future and there are no fights and everything is like normal kind of. And then it turns to an Asian family like relaxing and starting to watch some Bruce lee on TV. I think the dad was the principal of the school or something and then like once everything got figured out the dream just started to follow him. And then he and his daughters were watching when all of a sudden his throat started to hurt and it turned out it was because he was dying. Apparently each of his daughters had a red fruit thing in their throat just like him but his was dying so it was time for one of the daughters to take his place so her red fruit thing emerged from her and she ate it because it was ripe. The other daughters tried eating theirs but it wasn't ripe so it didn't work. Then I woke up.

A lot of nations are at war but I'm the leader of a magical nation but there's one evil guy and we're all at this huge conference meeting thing and keep in mind this is like the 1400s so only horses and old things and then he calls up people to be his allies and I thought I was one of them but he didn't call my name. I think he found out I secretly didn't like him. Then he brought people up one by one who opposed him and was about to kill them but I stood up and said wait and take me instead but that didn't happen. Oh also there's this one guy who was on his side before but then started following me and he was a magic user anyway so when I stood up to help take a girls place he was like no don't do it! But when I stood up for her another guy stood up too and then more people stood up and then the evil guy couldn't have that so he started firing the canons and it was then for us to run because now it was war. We managed to get outside and I told him I loved him and he said he loved me too but then his previous master, an old woman, came out and gave him a ring. I asked him if that would control him and he just scoffed at me. Then while we were running tithe bridges to leave a pretty girl was walking towards the warring city and we told her don't go there people are fighting! And she gave us the most evil smile ever and then that's when we knew she was a part of the plan too but we just ran from her before she could kill us. We finally make it to the edge of the bridge, and it's like a toll place where there are different countries in each booth you can go to. We wanted to go to America because we knew it was safe there and the people were nicer. When we told them what happened after we got through the girl there was in fierce tears because one of the guys who stood up for the girl that was about to be be headed was American. So then I offered to help them find out if their guy was okay and thy said yes. I was going to do some magical spell but then my guy says he'll do it and turn into a bird to look around. He only needed a few feathers of a bird to morph into the bird so I said ok and off he went. He flew back and found that the evil guy was talking to the girl who we told to run and that they were supposed to be married but they were 14 years apart. Then I got woken up by the phone gg.

I was a girl who used dark magic but I went to a school that wanted me to control my dark magic and only use light magic. I could only enter the door if my dark magic subsided and my light magic took over but when I went upstairs after I controlled my dark magic it was too late; my teacher had betrayed me and she threw a dagger into me but because she told me too many secrets about my powers the huge bulky ogre animal dood that was behind her killed her. Then he took me in and trained me to be a killer. He was apparently the same as me but didn't think not using my dark magic was the way to go and he wanted to unlock my potential.

" so who did you choose to give them to"
"Her "
"What?! But just a moment ago you were so adamant about giving them to me"
" I know, but she made me realize the scope of the whole world, not just your personal greed. ”
"If you let him have it, a tyrant who cares about nothing other than himself and his selfish gains, then you would throw this whole earth off it's course. I strive for a larger purpose, and that is why it should be given to me."

I live in an apocalyptic world and in the first scene everyone's outside lines up in cars and some people are carrying guns and weapons and you have to kill each other in order to survive. I shoot a couple of people when I get the chance and I have to go find my friends and family. But then from this one huge SUV in front of me pops out a guy, very round in size. He pulls out a rifle and stares at me. I think I'm gonna die because he points the gun at me but then misses on purpose. I run for my life but then he catches me. I have to obey him or else he says he's going to kill my family and my boyfriend. I go with him and his lot and find out that there's this one girl who used to be really popular in school was in his squad along with her mom and they were both prostitutes now, but for some reason people delighted in prostitutes in this apocalyptic world, and they also made the most money. Of course, my boyfriend and his friends couldn't understand why I supposedly "joined" the other team, but I had no choice. I loved him and my family and they weren't going to die anytime soon. He would try to fix me into positions like I was a doll but then he slowly fell in love with me. One day I decided I had enough and was planning to leave when they were all gone. It worked, except when I read the general forums, it seemed like everyone hated me and I wasn't welcome in the group anymore. When I greeted my boyfriend, he looked surprised but showed no hint of recognition towards me. After he found out it was me, he

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