The making of Scathacha cosplay

I cosplayed the character called Scathacha from Granblue Fantasy! There were many parts to this cosplay, starting with choosing what type of fabric I wanted for the whole cape and hood, as well as the inner dress. I wanted the cape to feel sheer and also look shimmery, so I chose some lovely purple satin fabric. For the knee pads, I sewed together some leather fabric. I had to keep in mind that the hood needed two holes for the ears, so I cut out holes before sewing together the hood and cape. Foam board was used to create the base of the arm guards, amulet, head piece, and chest piece, and then model magic was shaped over each part. After the model magic air dried, I painted a few layers of paint over it to make it look more realistic. Model magic is so fun to use and I tend to choose it over foam board because it helps create a smooth and soft surface that can be painted over easily once dried. Overall, I had a really fun time making this cosplay and learned a lot!

scathacha showcase

Mr. Yuito Kimura (Granblue Fantasy producer) was kind enough to let me snag a picture with him!